The Brand Skool


Today Thursday 27th October a most amazing event took place in the City of London, notably Mansion House.

he celebrated branding expert of Kuwait, Mr Wael Allahou, gave up some of his precious time on a three day visit to London to present to us, a very select audience on the branding concepts of the Middle East. It’s been felt for many years now that entire concept of Brands and branding, with Emblems and Icons, etc, etc, have and has been lost to most businesses, these ideas in reality where something that Europe flourished with a few decades ago and since then frankly none of us were truly bothered or I suppose Interested. What have we missed? Could it be an entire generation of a thought pattern that could only push and improve our business. Hmm I went along interested but perhaps with a half asleep motion, but reality soon set in and I found myself mesmerized into a new way of thinking. Branding for me has I suppose fallen short across my businesses but with Wael`s expertise I have found myself thinking of a new procedures and perhaps a whole new look to my business group.

Wael’s knowledge was next to none with gigantic facts that logo’s or logotypes are dead and have been for some time now, being replaced by icons and Avatars, I think I must have missed that memo. The workshop was electric with a flood of questions and heads nodding, three hours of pure joy for an audience who probably had a small interest in attending but expecting the same old same old boredom. Frankly this was one of the most exciting presentations I have had the pleasure to watch in my long career.

When Wael returns to London I hope to be the first to book again for such an electric ride.

Lord Michael Buckmaster- Brown

“Hours were passing like minutes, Mr. Wael Allahou is a natural attention magnet, he will show you Branding from outside the box”.

Eng.Ammar Al Najem

General Manager, Green Plastic Factory.

“The branding workshop that Wael Allahou presented hit the spot perfectly. Well presented and pitched perfectly for the audience it was enlightening as well as fun.
It’s always good to see a fellow professional tackle the subject ‘Branding is not about logos’ and this one had some interesting new information and some strong messages. Well organised and a great group of fellow participants to network with.

Dan Doherty FRSA MPRCA

CEO Cadence PR and Cadence Fisher”

“The workshop gave me important foundation for branding, it was modern, enjoyable, and most of all professional”.

Ziad Abdulla,

Marketing Assistant Manger,
Priority Automobile Company-part of
Al Masar Leasing and Investment Company.

“It is about tomorrow, this is what Wael believes – as I do understand now after attending this workshop. He has got a very simple, yet effective way in communication, many particular tips and advices in this workshop, he showed us how to understand real branding and how to raise a brand as one of your children”.

Fahad Al Sarhan,

Marketing Executive
Kuwait International Bank

Mr Wael Allahou passion shone through, whilst he explained clearly and simply the principles of branding. It left me thinking to myself “Why did I not do this before ”
He was able to make me review my needs and how my brand will be effected in the market place.

Rohan Perera

Development Manager
21 Security Services Limited

I must say I have really enjoyed your training session on Branding , your presentation skills and the presentation content as well as your engagement with the audience all makes it great training and enjoyable.
Great job brother keep it up.

Ali Al-Luqman

Regional Sales Manager
EQUATE Marketing Company – PE

The Branding Workshop that was presented by Wael Al Lahou was one of the most interesting workshops that I have attended in Kuwait. He managed to keep us engaged throughout the workshop, not forgetting that it’s an eye opener on branding, emphasizing on its huge impact on businesses. Overall it was Fantastic.

Thamer AlShayji

PE Sales Executive
EQUATE Marketing Company – PE

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for the interesting branding session. Your ability to keep us engaged using real life examples and stories have definitely helped us to rethink our own brand. Your structured approach, professionalism, and interaction skills have made this one rich workshop.

Fatemah AlFaresi

Senior Marketing Specialist
EQUATE Marketing Company – PE