The Brand Skool



Providing deep and practical insights that cut to the heart of what brand is all about, connecting between the rational and the emotional, the theoretical and the practical, the logical and the magical to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

MODULE 1: Brand Differentiation

Creating your ‘Point of Difference’ is the objective of this module. Effective branding can elevate your business into something unique, instead of being just a commodity among many similar others. Standing out from your competitors is particularly important in competitive markets.

MODULE 2: Brand Management

The most important shift in business today is from ‘Ownership’ to ‘Partnership’, and from ‘Individual task’ to ‘Collaboration. The successful company is not the one with the most brains, but the most brains acting in concert.

MODULE 3: Brand Innovation

BRANDRAYS illustrates how brand and product innovation can create sustainable competitive advantage for the company by differentiating the product offering from that of the competition. Combining the two bodies of knowledge (Brand and product innovation) is beneficial both for the brand and the product.

MODULE 4: Brand Insight

Our intention in this module is to focus on the importance of market research inassessing brand positioning and validating new market opportunities. In the same time, it reveals why findings obtained from most market research could be unreliable.

MODULE 5: Brand Development

The continuity in establishing a distinct brand experience is essential, it what differentiates your business from your competition. But creating a brand requires more then just an attractive image, system, logo or value proposition, it requires growing the organization’s distinct belief and values.